19. PTC: Additional Resources

19. PTC: Additional Resources

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Beyond learning about the risks of cancer post-transplant, and then looking to recognize symptoms so you can live with action to address those risks early on when treatment success is most likely, in this final LINKS section you will find additional resources of use in your living your transplant life to the fullest.


Here you will find video testimonials from patients like yourself who have dealt with cancer after transplant and are alive to talk about it.  They are not offering advice, rather just sharing their own stories by way of inspiration as you face your own challenges.  Please consider offering your personal video testimonials, using the outline offered on that page.  Feel free to write to info@trioweb.org if you are interested so we can work with you on creating that short (3 to 5 minute) testimonial video.

Here also, we have compiled our "Ten Best Practices" from the many medical professional interviews and patient sharings that many have found as helpful habits/practices in living with that higher risk of cancer in our post-transplanted lives, no matter what organ type you have undergone.  Again, if you want to offer your own 'best practice' for possible adding to the list, ten is not a magic number, we can have many more if we all share.

Looking for more resources on cancer topics?  We have put many together in categories in the "On-line Resource Library" of on-line links in addition to and many more than those found on each topic page under "Resources" there.  Explore to your heart's content and share others you may find useful that we don't have there.

Want to see if you are getting all that we hoped from this educational resource?  Test yourself against the learning objectives that were the foundation of this site's design. We hope you took advantage of each page's self-testing quiz.  While anonymous, each quiz tracks answer analytics to help us improve that page's content over time, so thanks for your support in taking those quizzes.

We also offer a "Cancer interactive blog" tool as a way to share and interact with others facing similar life challenges in the post-transplant cancer environment.  If enough people participate there, this could be the best part of the entire web site.  Try it out and offer your own thoughts and questions to engage others in topics of common interest.

Future Research

And finally, what good is all this if we continue to keep doing the same things as we did before learning how to deal with post-transplant cancers?  In the "Behavioral Research" topic area, we look into the future of this TRIO Cancer 5-year project where we hope to conduct behavioral research into how to change habits, incorporating those insights and best practices into our everyday lives so we can get the most healthy years out of our transplant gifts.  But that's in the future, so stay tuned.


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