18. PTC Cancer Life Phases: Recovery

18. PTC Cancer Life Phases: Recovery

Once you've lived through the first three life stages of dealing with cancer - PREVENTION, DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT, we face long term recovery and practices that make that the best living possible, hopefully cancer free for many, many years.  Those practices include maintaining vigilence of PREVENTION and regular self-exams and periodic testing to continue to catch any future cancers early on with prompt DIAGNOSIS, the following will help live beyond that treatment experience . . . 

Note: See the next ACTION steps that follow below, while the following videos are temporary placeholders until we have replacement videos that specifically address this RECOVERY topic.


A cancer diagnosis can affect every aspect of the patient's life, including work, financial issues, appearance and sexuality. Coping with cancer treatment is never easy, but following healthy lifestyle practices, like eating right, exercising, and dealing with your emotions can help. There are also many treatment options for easing cancer pain. Cancer caregivers should also be sure to look after themselves to keep up with this demanding role.

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